SADC Infrastructure Projects Dashboard

The SADC Infrastructure projects dashboard allows the filtering and visualization SADC Infrastructure projects data by sectors, latest stages, sub sectors, countries, programmes, regions, type, status and reference plan. To narrow the list of selected projects, click on charts. Projects can also be selected from the list at the bottom by clicking on the project rows and then clicking the filter link in the Projects tab. Use the download link above each chart and project list tab to export the charts and the list of selected projects

You can filter to specific projects using the buttons below. Select or unselect the options you want to apply and the list of projects will automatically filter to your selection.
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275 Beira New Coal Terminal Development Transport Port Upgrade Active S2A - Pre-Feasibility
277 Brazzaville-Kinshasa Road/Rail Bridge Transport Bridge Upgrade Active S4A - Tendering
278 Bulawayo - Gwanda Road Transport Road Upgrade Active S3A - Detailing Structuring
279 Chingola - Solwezi Railway Extension Transport Railway Upgrade Active S2B - Feasibility
280 Colomue/Dedza OSBP Transport Border Post Upgrade Active S4A - Tendering
285 Forbes/Machipanda OSBP Transport Border Post Upgrade Active S1 - Concept
286 Goma-Kisangani Road (DRC National Road No.2) Transport Road New Active S3A - Detailing Structuring
287 Gwanda - Beitbridge Road Transport Road Upgrade Active S3B - Financing
288 Harare - Nyamapanda Road Project Transport Road Upgrade Active S2B - Feasibility
289 Inga 3 Hydropower Plant Energy Hydro Power Plant Upgrade Active S3B - Financing
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